Amazonite Teensy Wrap
Amazonite Teensy Wrap
Amazonite Teensy Wrap
Amazonite Teensy Wrap
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Amazonite Teensy Wrap

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About Teensy Wraps
  • Teensy Wraps are our number one selling wrap bracelets that double as a choker!
  • Wrap them twice around your wrist or once around your neck
  • Chain & clasp are gold filled to prevent tarnishing over time for the girls who never take off their jewels
  • Bead length is 12" / plus chain extension

amazonite properties 

throat chakra 




encourages you on your journey to be brave, fearless, & tell the truth 

Amazonite is named after the powerful river & it is no coincidence that it has similar qualities— flow, strength, adventure 

valuable crystal accessory for singers, actors, teachers, writers, & anyone who needs to communicate passionately 

hold amazonite up to your throat moments before you have to give a big speech or presentation for inspiration 

amazonite is a essential crystal for all you social media gurus who are feeling led to have a strong presence in leading, uplifting, & inspiring others

amazonite will guide you to bravely post from the heart & be & shine the light onto others. More inspiration, less aspiration.