Lapis Lazuli Teensy Wrap
Lapis Lazuli Teensy Wrap
Lapis Lazuli Teensy Wrap
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Lapis Lazuli Teensy Wrap

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About Teensy Wraps
  • Teensy Wraps are our number one selling wrap bracelets that double as a choker!
  • Wrap them twice around your wrist or once around your neck
  • Chain & clasp are gold filled to prevent tarnishing over time for the girls who never take off their jewels
  • Bead length is 12" / plus chain extension


lapis lazuli properties 

third eye, throat chakras 


honesty + self-awareness 


lapis forces you to the realization that the past is the past, & empowers you to take reaponsibility for your own actions 

we all have our “story” we cling & hold onto whether it’s positive or negative & lapis lazuli will help you learn from your past experiences, lives, & ancestors 

this stone requires action & will help you get real, honest, & quit making excuses